The proper place for sports

The occasion is sports during the early s. The audience is his son, Ted Roosevelt. The purpose is to tell his son the importance of knowing when to play sports and when not to play sports. The subject is the way sports can affect Ted and he has a jolly tone and a willing to let Ted do what he wants.

The proper place for sports

Tennis Martial arts Carefully supervised strength training is OK beginning at age 7 or 8 in kids who are motivated. Focus on proper technique and movement.

Ages 10 to 12 By this age, children have mature vision and the ability to understand and recall sports strategies. These children are typically ready to take on complex skill sports, such as football, basketball, hockey and volleyball. Keep in mind, however, that growth spurts caused by puberty can temporarily affect a child's coordination and balance.

Whatever sports your child participates in, ensure that he or she has a foundation of proper technique and movement. Coaches and sports professionals, such as golf and tennis pros, can be helpful resources.

The proper place for sports

Contact sports Before allowing your child to participate in a contact sport, consider his or her age, maturity, and physical size. Are the physical contact, aggressiveness and competition involved developmentally appropriate for your child? Will your child enjoy it? Because children enter puberty at different ages, there can be dramatic physical differences among children of the same sex — particularly boys.

Children competing against others who are more physically mature might be at increased risk of injury. Compare the options When you're comparing sports, consider: How much will your child enjoy the activity?

Does the sport emphasize age-appropriate skill development? Will there be opportunities for each child to participate? Avoid encouraging early specialization in a single sport. Focusing on one sport could prevent your child from testing his or her skills and experiencing other enjoyable sports.

Sports specialization can also lead to stress and burnout. Stay involved As your child tries various sports, stay involved. Does the coach require that players follow the rules and use proper safety equipment?

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Do players take time to warm up and cool down before and after each practice or event? In hot weather, does the coach pay attention to hydration, humidity and temperature? Are children taught proper movement and body positioning? Is the coach attentive to the prevention and recognition of concussions?By Theodore Roosevelt.

Questions on Rhetoric and Style. 1. Roosevelt argues against sports if they “degenerate into the sole end of any one’s existence”. Practice Quotes. Quotes tagged as "practice" Showing of “Sex, whatever else it is, is an athletic skill. , searching, self, self-esteem, sports, striving, struggling, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.

May 27,  · (Only one known major league baseball player, Oakland catcher Bruce Maxwell, has ever taken a knee as an anthem protest.) And perhaps professional sports might step back, think twice, and ponder whether it's . 9. Emphasize proper technique and guidelines. In every sport, there is a correct way and a wrong way of doing things.

For example, football players should be taught the proper way to tackle an opponent to avoid a concussion, and baseball players should be taught the proper way to throw and follow the guidelines on how many throws to make in a day. Whatever sports your child participates in, ensure that he or she has a foundation of proper technique and movement.

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