Should developing countries pay more attention towards education or improving business standards

Share via Email This article is over 4 years old Qur'anic schoolgirls in Kano city. Nigeria is among 10 countries that account for almost three-quarters of the world's illiterate adults.

Should developing countries pay more attention towards education or improving business standards

Some people believe that only pupils of similar interests should be given admissions in schools. Others are of the opinions that schools should be open to all children with varied interests. How far you agree or disagree with the above views. Give your opnion in not less than words.

In not less than words explain if you agree with this view and give your own opinion.

Should developing countries pay more attention towards education or improving business standards

Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished. Give your views in not less than words if you agree or disgree with it.

Most criminals are set free once they finish their jail terms.

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Is the re introduction of criminals in societies is justified? Place your views in no less than words. Working and living abroad helps us to know other cultures well. How far you think working abroad has good or bad impacts on our cultural lives?

If you were given to change, what all changes you would implement in this 21st century to make our world a better living place? Discuss few changes in not less than words. Computers can easily do all the basic and advanced calculations.

Do you think your children should spend more time learning basic mathematics or advanced computer technology. Give your views in not less than words. Should poor countries continue to receive International Aids?

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Some parents grow their children in strict discipline while others leave them free to learn lessons of lives on their own. Which is one of these is a better approach and why? Give your own opnion in not less than words.

The modern technology is all making things easily available. Internet has provided us the easy dowloadable versions of most books we need. Can internet world replace the world of books and words? Give your own views in not less than words. As most postgraduate research is funded by industry then students grants should also come from the same source.

How far you agree with this. Modern technology is transforming the way we work and is of benefit to our society. How far you think our social lives influenced by modern technology.

In order keep the students more focused, the sports classes should be stopped in High schools. You think this will be a right approach for a better generation? If a child behaves badly his parents should be considered responsible and should be punished. What do you think the government in your country should do to make your country more successful.Mar 04,  · Question: Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills and modern technology or should they promote education first?

In our post-modern era, modern technologies have advanced so rapidly and become one of the most important factors for country's improvements. The notion of well-being and happiness has increasingly taken centre stage in our societies over the recent years.

As Nobel Prize Economist Daniel Kahneman puts it, "there is a huge wave of interest in happiness among researchers. One in four young people in developing countries are unable to read a sentence, according to a report, which warns that poor quality education has left a "legacy of illiteracy" more widespread.

The focus of the educational system, therefore, needs not only to bring more children into school but also to improve the quality of the educational system itself. Here are five ways to improve education in developing countries: 1. Reduce the Cost of Education Several African countries have abolished their school fees.

Should they be given more privacy, or is the price of their fame an invasion into their private lives? Should developing countries pay more attention towards education or improving business standards?

There is an age after which one’s efficiency decreases. The developing countries are still fighting with the problem of education levels of the parents. In countries like India, the rural families have the issues of educating their children on their own, particularly for the mothers. Nevertheless, it is a genuine approach for the families to have educated parents, and for that, the education for women should .

(IELTs) Should developing countries concentrate on industry or education?