Research papers on cholesterol

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Research papers on cholesterol

It is very simply calculated: That little gap of cholesterol left over is very, very meaningful. When not fasted, it includes those two and Chylomicron Remnants.

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They bounce around your vascular system binding to tissues that need the energy and get smaller and smaller from less cargo in the process.

This succession of stages to the final LDL takes under 90 minutes. So how Research papers on cholesterol do LDLs hang out? A Simple Traffic Analogy So imagine it this way… you have two jobs. You might be doing citizen arrests of robbers binding to pathogens or helping out repairing houses that need it non-hepatic endocytosis.

And this is a common opinion among them: Remnant cholesterol, also known as remnant lipoprotein, is a very atherogenic lipoprotein composed primarily of very low-density lipoprotein VLDL and intermediate-density lipoprotein IDL.

Let me offer an entirely different viewpoint.

Research papers on cholesterol

As many long-time readers know, I certainly see the lipids and their containing lipoproteins in our bloodstream as primarily an energy distribution system. The lipid system is being employed to a higher degree in fighting or repairing a disease state. The first point is well illustrated in many who have hypertriglyceridemia, a commonly associated CVD risk.

Often they have a much higher proportion of VLDLs. Not surprisingly, these are likewise associated with hyperinsulinemia and metabolic syndrome. The fatty acids keep spilling back out into the bloodstream, binding to albumin, and finally making their way back to the liver to… wait for it… get repackaged into a VLDL again.

You see the cycle? Both lipoproteins [RC and LDL] were associated equally with risk of IHD and MI; however, only nonfasting remnant cholesterol concentrations were associated stepwise with increased all-cause mortality risk.

Increased concentrations of both calculated and measured remnant cholesterol were associated with increased all-cause mortality in patients with ischemic heart disease, which was not the case for increased concentrations of measured LDL cholesterol.

This suggests that increased concentrations of remnant cholesterol explain part of the residual risk of all-cause mortality in patients with ischemic heart disease. Feel free to do yours and share the results in the comments section. Ironically, the reference range for RCs as they apply to those on a fat-based diet may actually be inflated.

Anecdotally, when they fall off the wagon and have too many carbs while still being very high fat, their RCs tend to go up. Final Note on Fasting vs Non-Fasting Remnants Lastly, I should warn that much of the newer research on Remnant Cholesterol compares populations who have had non-fasted lipid numbers.

You are literally observing triglycerides from the food you just consumed as part of the total amount found in the blood. This post has no tag Leave a Reply.Objective It is well known that total cholesterol becomes less of a risk factor or not at all for all-cause and cardiovascular (CV) mortality with increasing age, but as little is known as to whether low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), one component of total cholesterol, is associated with mortality in the elderly, we decided to investigate this .

Can guacamole lower your cholesterol as well as other whole-food fat sources such as nuts, or is it just avocado industry spin? Below is an approximation of this video’s audio content. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr.

Greger may be referring, watch the above.

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Thx dave for another great blogpost. For the last months I also Did a lot op bloodtesting.

Research papers on cholesterol

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