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Project outline

General project management concepts[ edit ] Dependency in a project network is a link amongst a project's terminal elements. Duration of a project's terminal element is the number of calendar periods it takes from the time the execution of element starts to the moment it is completed. Float in a project network is Project outline amount of time that a task in a project network can be delayed without causing a delay to subsequent tasks and or the project completion date.

Hammock activity — is Project outline schedule project management or project planning term for a grouping of subtasks that "hangs" between two end dates it is tied to.

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Or the two end-events it is fixed to. Product breakdown structure — PBS in project management is an exhaustive, hierarchical tree structure of components that make up an item, arranged in whole-part relationship.

Product description — in project management is a structured format of presenting information about a project product Project Management Triangle — is a model of the constraints of project management. Resources in project management terminology are required to carry out the project tasks.

They can be people, equipment, facilities, funding, or anything else capable of definition usually other than labour required for the completion of a project activity. Scope of a project in project management is the sum total of all of its products and their requirements or features.

Tasks in project management are activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time. Time limit is a narrow field of time, or a particular point in time, by which an objective or task must be accomplished. Work in project management is the amount of effort applied to produce a deliverable or to accomplish a task a terminal element.

Vertical slice — is a type of milestone, benchmark, or deadline, with emphasis on demonstrating progress across all components of a project. Work package — is a subset of a project that can be assigned to a specific party for execution.

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Because of the similarity, work packages are often misidentified as projects. Workstream — is a set of associated activities, focused around a particular scope that follow a path from initiation to completion. Project management procedures[ edit ] Aggregate planning — is an operational activity which does an aggregate plan for the production process, in advance of 2 to 18 months, to give an idea to management as to what quantity of materials and other resources are to be procured and when, so that the total cost of operations of the organization is kept to the minimum over that period.

Allocation — is the assignment of available resources in an economic way. Budgeting Budget — generally refers to a list of all planned expenses and revenues.

Budgeted cost of work performed — BCWP measures the budgeted cost of work that has actually been performed, rather than the cost of work scheduled. Constructability — is a project management technique to review the construction processes from start to finish during pre-construction phase.

It will identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent error, delays, and cost overrun.

Project outline

Cost engineering — is the area of engineering practice where engineering judgment and experience are used in the application of scientific principles and techniques to problems of cost estimating, cost control, business planning and management science, profitability analysis, project managementand planning and scheduling.

Earned value management — EVM is a project management technique for measuring project progress in an objective manner, with a combination of measuring scope, schedule, and cost in a single integrated system.

Earned schedule — ES is an extension to earned value management EVMwhich renames two traditional measures, to indicate clearly they are in units of currency or quantity, not time.

Estimation in project management is the processes of making accurate estimates using the appropriate techniques.

Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique GERT — is a network analysis technique that allows probabilistic treatment of both network logic and activity duration estimated.

The first domain of application was software projects.

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Kickoff meeting — is the first meeting with the project team and the client of the project. Linear scheduling method — LSM is a graphical scheduling method focusing on continuous resource utilization in repetitive activities.

It is believed that it originally adopted the idea of Line-Of-Balance method. Program Management — is the process of managing multiple ongoing inter-dependent projects.

An example would be that of designing, manufacturing and providing support infrastructure for an automobile manufacturer.

Project outline

Project accounting — Is the practice of creating financial reports specifically designed to track the financial progress of projects, which can then be used by managers to aid project management. Project Cost Management A method of managing a project in real-time from the estimating stage to project control; through the use of technology cost, schedule and productivity is monitored.Project Money pairs families and couples with financial coaches to help them reach their financial goals.

Keep up with their journey, or start your own here. This NaNoWriMo outline is your day cheatsheet!


I pulled out 30 key scenes from the master outline to create this day-by-day outline. As you probably know, my research for these scenes is based on the common structural elements of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games.

You can use this. The project outline template is used by the majority of business industries for presenting their project in an organize manner.

The project outline as the word implies it describes the details related to the Project Proposal including the topic, content, objectives and goals. Utilizing a project outline templates will make the project look in a more .

To create a project outline, identify the major tasks needed to accomplish the project, and break down the smaller tasks required to complete the larger ones.

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For clarity, list the major milestones with Roman numerals and the subtasks with capital letters. Title the project at the top of the outline. The Dalmatian is a breed of medium-sized dog, noted for its unique black or liver spotted coat and mainly used as a carriage dog in its early days.

Its roots trace back to Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia. Today, it is a popular family pet and many dog enthusiasts enter . To create a project outline, identify the major tasks needed to accomplish the project, and break down the smaller tasks required to complete the larger ones.

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