Patient intake process

The medical staff officers are elected positions with a two-year term of office.

Patient intake process

Eating Disorder Treatment Center Intake Process Initial Evaluation Enrollment to our eating disorder treatment center commences by completing and forwarding a personal history questionnaire.

The first appointment at the Walker Wellness Clinic will Patient intake process an intake and assessment conducted by a licensed mental health professional. The initial assessment and evaluation is designed to assess the appropriate treatment program required for each patient.

Programs include the standard outpatient program, intensive outpatient program, or the day program. A full description of the treatment and clinical objectives of the treatment will be discussed during the initial meeting and the patient will be given a copy of the various programs that are offered.

We also research and offer clinical recommendations for other treatment programs if the patient does not meet the criterion for outpatient treatment at The Walker Wellness Clinic by providing references for the patient and family members.

To schedule an intake and assessment to see if you or a loved one are a candidate for outpatient treatment, please call or email us at walkwell msn. Admission Walker Wellness provides a prompt but thorough intake process.

Immediate admission to our program is possible once our staff has established a course of treatment, typically treatment commences within a week of the initial enquiry.

Fee Structure and Insurance Issues Please contact The Walker Wellness Clinic for information on the fee structure for our various clinical programs such as the standard outpatient program, intensive outpatient program, and the day program.

The fee is collected at the time the service is rendered. A statement is provided for the patient if they choose to file third party insurance reimbursement.

In addition, The Walker Wellness Clinic does not work with managed care companies; however, clinical services may be covered for out of network providers. The Walker Wellness Clinic reserves the right to recommend hospitalization at any point during treatment.

It is our goal and belief that patients should make progress and overcome their formal eating disorder, depression, anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder and to facilitate this in a healthy and productive manner.

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Medical Evaluation The Walker Wellness Clinic patients are required to complete a comprehensive medical exam along with complete blood work. When it is deemed appropriate by clinic staff, a patient may be asked to undergo a cardiac assessment with Dr. Jane Kao, a cardiologist who specializes in the treatment of cardiac assessments for eating disorders.

Depending on the diagnosis and symptoms of the patient, The Walker Wellness Clinic may recommend ongoing medical monitoring, gynecological exam, and bone density testing.

Moreover, an emergency contact person is needed to enroll at The Walker Wellness Clinic in the event of a medical emergency due to the serious health problems that correlate with formal eating disorders.

Length of Treatment Generally speaking, the length of stay for our outpatient treatment has been approximately three months to one year.

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However, this depends on the severity of the diagnosis and the particular program that the patient is enrolled in i. Our clinical experience has shown that often times patients need to follow-up with aftercare clinical services once they have been discharged from inpatient programs and The Walker Wellness Clinic offers this clinical service as well.

Furthermore, we are often an alternative approach to an inpatient hospital stay or a residential program.Aspen Clinic New Patient Forms. Thank you for choosing Louisiana’s number one weight loss clinic!

Patient intake process

We look forward to getting you started on our program and in order to speed up the process of your first visit we ask that you fill out the paperwork below. Efficient patient onboarding. Let your patients sign consent forms and fill out other intake forms before they even step into the office. Streamline (shorten, etc.) patient check-in process .

Three ways for practices to improve patient flow. Some EHRs also offer free customizable online intake forms patients can fill out at home with all information flowing directly into patient charts, eliminating manual entry.

. Eating Disorder Treatment Center Intake Process In essence, the length of treatment is individualized according to the patient’s recovery process and may be evaluated in the course of treatment depending on the patient progress and compliance with treatment.

In summary, we often reduce the intensity of our programs as patients recover. at The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine To become a patient at The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine, you need to get a consult requested by your physician, or you can contact us directly to begin the intake process.

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The Intake Process at our Eating Disorder Treatment Clinic is Simple and EfficientWalker Wellness