My favourite photograph

Thursday, 27 April Describe one of your favourite photographs.

My favourite photograph

It took place in Liverpool where I grew up. I was a bridesmaid and I loved every minute. It was the first time I realised I enjoyed performing in public.

It was exciting to be in Liverpool with The Beatles. I went to the same school, the Liverpool Institute High School. John Lennon was at the School of Art nearby and seeing him and his wife Cynthia lounging around on street corners was normality in those days.

Ambition developed through wanting to get a decent education. I knew that was the path to good money. I won a scholarship to Oxford University to study chemistry.

I was no good in the lab.

Group Rules Favorite Photograph Photo When did you take the photo?
When did you take the photo?

I knocked things off the bench and was generally very clumsy. With a bit of help I switched to PPE — politics, philosophy and economics. After some time in the real world trying to qualify as an accountant, I went to London School of Economics to study economics.

LSE was a fascinating experience, with gilded academics. Most of the professors were Marxist or anti-capitalist. I would argue with them, having grown up in a working-class community, that actually we need trade and business to survive.

My favorite photos

Eventually I realised I was the Tory. A smartly dressed elderly lady told me firmly that I was wearing improper clothing, I should have been wearing a black suit. It transpired that this is what Lady Astor, the first woman MP to take her seat in Parliament, had worn in when she was elected.

That was how women were treated then. You had to put up with it. There were only 23 women MPs out of over Everyone soon found out who I was because I did the first maiden speech of the entire Parliament.Aug 30,  · My favorite photograph is one that my friend took of me at Folly Beach, SC about 4 years ago, when I was We traveled across the country to visit her and went to the coast for a day.

We spent time picking out sea shells and taking Resolved.

Yours truly.

Jun 18,  · My favourite photograph by singer Martin Fry I won Speaker of the Year in It was a magical experience to be a minister with Margaret Thatcher in the mid Kirsten Jones.

My Favorite Photos. likes. Beauty is in everything around us, whether it's travel, backyard nature, or your favorite plants and creatures. We hope.

My favourite photograph

I understood this photo as how I gotta do the things in the future, stairs in the middle of a cave that only go up, to climb, to increase. And it’s forbidden to go down.

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My!favourite!photo!is!this!one!of!many!hotNair!ballons!regardbouddhiste.comhephoto on! last!autumn!when!I!was!in!Bocairent!with!my!boy!friend!(“boy!friend”!means!“I!have!a! friend who is a! boy”. The expression for “partner”! is written with only one word: Microsoft Word - Writing 2 - Basic 2 - Created Date.

My favourite photograph

here a place where you can post your favourite photo, or one of your favourite photos. it's important that you have to be the owner of the photo! it doesn't matter which is the object, the panorama, the person or people involved. it's important that you think that the picture you post is your favourite and you want to share it with other people and lover of the photography!

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