Mousetrap car research

For this project, our class was assigned to create a mousetrap car.

Mousetrap car research

A 3-D model is literally developed in minutes! The simplicity of the modeling process puts focus where it belongs - learning the critically important science, technology, engineering and math STEM that lives just below the surface.

And it's completely web-based Then, "connecting the virtual to the physical", students can print custom templates to build their actual racers.

For pricing information please contact sales whiteboxlearning. Product Demo Research What's the secret to better cars?

Mousetrap car research

It's not magic or luck In this section, your students will find all the theory they need, as well as plenty of activities and tools to put it to action.

Plenty of tutorials will ensure that they are well prepared for the remaining sections. Design Engineers know their science -- that's for sure. But they also have great tools to help them visualize their design in 3D.

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In this section, your students will use our custom, built-in CAD system to create 3D models on screen and quickly choose between a variety of components to improve their design. Analysis In this section, your students work with a number of built-in tools to see how well their design stands up to the scientific principles presented in the Research section.

This stuff is really neat, but it won't make much sense if they haven't completed their Research!Your students will "build the answers" with our line of mousetrap racing car kits. Student will learn faster and retain more with hands-on activities that challenge all their senses.

Designed, manufactured and refined with care based on years of classroom testing and teacher input. Mouse Trap Car Project - Research.

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Rather as it rejects famous symptoms and essays, it works to compel if not coerce its privacy to adopt an instructional and custom topic of many affair or doctoral position. The car is rolling to make the force of friction less We need the mousetrap to start, overcoming the static friction Once it passes this, the car will have to continue through kinetic friction.

Do research in the library or on the Internet. The research question is: What is rolling If you are building a mouse trap car to travel the greatest distance it can, would you want to use small driving wheels or large driving wheels?

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Measure the distance the standard. Students will build a mousetrap car to demonstrate kinetic energy. In this science lesson plan, middle school and high school students will research a car design, acquire the materials for the car, build the mousetrap car and then explain how the car demonstrates the properties of kinetic energy.

Want to make more cool stuff like this? Check your local library or bookstore for these awesome books.

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