Mbus in the retailing industry essay

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Mbus in the retailing industry essay

Concentrating on the search of appropriate operations research techniques to assist in the solution of engineering management problems and basic experimental design.

This subject should be taken in the final semester of MEM degree program Exclusions: The subject introduces engineers and technologists to strategic management. This includes basic principles of analysis, decision-making and implementation.

Mbus in the retailing industry essay

The aim is to create awareness of strategic issues in engineering and technology based organisations. This includes an appreciation of competitive leverage from technology decisions.


A need for consciousness of these issues amongst engineers is crucial to their function in both profit and not for profit organisations. Financial management principles, time value of money, discrete assets considerations, continuous assets considerations, identification of cost elements, cost prediction methods, regulatory economics, financial case development, engineered asset repair-replace decision making.

Employment law, contract law, issues such as types of interface i. HR structure and sourcing arrangements, management of the interface, performance measurement, monitoring and management, managing the client, managing the supplier, legal implications, employment law and safety law implications, duty of care, transmission of business, industrial relations, intellectual property, ownership and use of maintenance data and know-how.

Framework, context and history of asset management, strategic management and engineered asset management in context. Possible uses of models business drivers, legal requirements, quality systems and configuration and documentation management, interfaces with other functions departments and organisations.

Planning for shutdowns and overhauls; inventory selection and inventory control systems, configuration management, warehouse control, evaluation of asset management performance. Maintenance concept design methodology; reliability theory; data recordings and analysis; identification and analysis of failure modes; maintenance rule selection; preventative replacement policies; optimisation of inspection frequencies; clustering of tasks; opportunity maintenance; specification of resource requirements.

ENGG - Systems Reliability Engineering RAM studies, requirements flow down, cost estimation, analysis on design, probabilistic design, logistic support, maintainability, availability, interface control, system integration, reliability grown modelling, cost estimation, sparings.

This subject is about the tools and logical frameworks with which decision makers choose their investments in a world characterised by uncertainty risk. Emphasis is on investment in financial assets such as shares, bonds and futures rather than on real assets.

Particular subjects covered include portfolio choice, allocations of investments between risky and riskless assets, the term structure of interest rates, asset pricing models, options pricing and hedging with derivatives.

This subject introduces students to modern portfolio theory and practice with focus on optimal investment decision-making, portfolio construction, portfolio management and investment performance evaluation.

In particular, this subject tracks on-going development of portfolio theory to provide students with a set of portfolio analytical tools. Students will be trained to analyse current financial markets by applying those analytical skills.

This subject examines the framework for financial statement analysis with discussion of the role of accounting information and intermediaries. Emphasis is on the appraisal and prediction of corporate financial performance from publicly available information such as accounting numbers, industry and economic statistics as well as other stock market data.Search among more than user manuals and view them online regardbouddhiste.com Find Another Essay On Challenges ahead for retailing in the Indian market Methodology for Evaluation of Mergers in the Indian Banking Sector words - 6 pages Pattern The share holding pattern that might be influenced in a merger deal has also been closely analyzed.

"The Impact of Size, Stock Market Listing and Industry Type on Disclosure in the Annual Reports of Japanese Listed Corporations." Accounting and Business Research, 22(7): (). Assessment Strategy. The assessment strategy is designed to: The group project work consists of an applied research essay.

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This will consist of one or more applied case studies examining international retail strategy and must be embedded within the academic literature as well as practical industry insight.

NYP plays an important role in manpower development by providing industry-relevant polytechnic education and training. It pursues excellence by building on foundations anchored on organisational culture, concept, capability, and connection.

You will learn to apply and evaluate the techniques and frameworks that lie at the heart of successful retailing, while a range of optional modules will give you the opportunity to specialise in areas of particular interest to you.

dynamic learning environment and strong industry links. Business and Retail Management placements.

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