Looked after child lac policy analysis

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Looked after child lac policy analysis

LAC are defined as: Children who are not subject to an order, but are accommodated by the LA under an agreement with their parents. Previously-LAC are defined as: Children no longer looked after by an LA in England and Wales because they are the subject of an adoption, special guardianship or child arrangements order.

Roles and responsibilities 3. The Governing Body is responsible for: Ensuring LAC and previously-LAC have equal access to all areas of the curriculum and that reasonable adjustments are made, if necessary. Reviewing the annual report produced by the designated teacher to evaluate the progress of LAC in the school.

Ensuring they receive feedback from the designated teacher regarding the effectiveness of the policy on an annual basis. The virtual school head VSH is responsible for: Monitoring the attendance and educational progress of the children their authority looks after.

Building relationships with health, education and social care partners, as well as other partners, so they and the designated teachers understand the support available to LAC and previously-LAC children. Working with the school to ensure all LAC in attendance are fully supported in reaching their full potential.

Acting as the educational advocate for LAC. Acting as a source of advice and information to help parents of previously-LAC as effectively as possible. Ensuring there are effective systems in place to: Maintain an up-to-date roll of the LAC who are in school settings, and gather information about their educational placement, attendance and progress.

Inform the Headteacher and designated teacher if they have a pupil on roll who is looked after by the LA. Avoid delays in providing suitable educational provision. Ensure the education achievement of LAC is seen as a priority by everyone who has responsibilities for promoting their welfare.

Looked after child lac policy analysis

The Headteacher is responsible for: Allowing the designated teacher the time and facilities to succeed in carrying out their duties. Overseeing this policy and monitoring its implementation Ensuring all members of staff are aware that supporting LAC is a key priority. Promoting actively challenging negative stereotypes of LAC.

Feeding back to the governing body annually on the following: The number of LAC and previously-LAC in the school An analysis of assessment scores as a cohort, compared to other pupil groups The attendance of LAC and previously-LAC, compared to other pupil groups The level of fixed term and permanent exclusions, compared to other pupil groups Building relationships with health, education and social care partners and other partners so that they and the VSH understand the support available to LAC and previously-LAC.

Acting as the main contact for social services and the education department. Promoting a culture of high expectations and aspirations. Ensuring LAC are involved in setting their own targets. Advising staff on teaching strategies for LAC.

Ensuring that LAC are prioritised for one-to-one tuition and support. Working with the Headteacher to submit an annual report to the governing board, which details the progress of all LAC and previously-LAC.

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Liaising with the class teacher, designated teacher, specialists and parents when considering interventions to support the progress of previously-LAC. Staff are responsible for: Preserving confidentiality, where appropriate, and showing sensitivity and understanding.

Personal education plans PEPs 4. The PEP is an evolving record of what needs to happen for a pupil to enable them to make the expected progress and fulfil their potential. The PEP will reflect the importance of a personalised approach to learning which meets the identified educational needs of the child.

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All relevant bodies, such as the LA, the designated teacher and carers, will involve the child in the PEP process at all stages.The development and implementation of The LAC Pack in West Lothian Janet Guild When the LAC psychologist moved into post, training needs analysis became an of support for the child?

To enable looked-after children to access and sustain school attendance and. The value of the child welfare is incorporated in the every child matters () policy which emphasise that looked after children must be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve in life, make a positive contribution to society and achieve economic well being (Department of Education and Skills,).

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Looked after child lac policy analysis

LAC definition – A child is looked after by a local authority if s/he is in their care by reason of a care order or is being provided with accommodation under section 20 of the Act for more than 24 hours with the agreement Looked After Child (LAC) Policy *.

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DEALING WITH KEY CHALLENGES Looked After Children will have access to the best curriculum that we can offer.

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