Laser science fair projects

Organization[ edit ] Pacific Science Center sits on 7. A satellite campus, the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, is a collaboration between Pacific Science Center and the City of Bellevue, Washington with educational programming for all ages about environmental stewardship, wetland ecology and nature awareness.

Laser science fair projects

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Amounts of Sugar and Water for Standard Sugar Solutions Mix each of the solutions in Table 1 in a graduated cylinder or liquid measuring cup with metric units, using a stirring rod to dissolve the sugar. Empty the prism and rinse it with plain water.

Now measure the index of refraction of a solution with unknown sugar concentration e. If you measure a carbonated beverage, make sure that there are no bubbles in the path Laser science fair projects the laser gently dislodge them from the side of the glass, if necessary.

With the index of refraction of the unknown solution, combined with the data you have from your known sugar solutions, you should be able to estimate the sugar concentration of the unknown Laser science fair projects.

Troubleshooting If you like this project, you might enjoy exploring these related careers: Physicist Physicists have a big goal in mind—to understand the nature of the entire universe and everything in it! To reach that goal, they observe and measure natural events seen on Earth and in the universe, and then develop theories, using mathematics, to explain why those phenomena occur.

Physicists take on the challenge of explaining events that happen on the grandest scale imaginable to those that happen at the level of the smallest atomic particles. Their theories are then applied to human-scale projects to bring people new technologies, like computers, lasers, and fusion energy.

Read more Physics Teacher Our universe is full of matter and energy, and how that matter and energy moves and interacts in space and time is the subject of physics. Physics teachers spend their days showing and explaining the marvels of physics, which underlies all the other science subjects, including biology, chemistry, Earth and space science.

Their work serves to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers, including all healthcare professionals. They also help all students better understand their physical world and how it works in their everyday lives, as well as how to become better citizens by understanding the process of scientific research.

Read more Photonics Technician Do you enjoy watching cable television, texting on your phone, and surfing the Internet? Do you know anyone who has had eye surgery and been back to normal the next day? Many of the advances in telecommunications and medicine are due to laser and fiber-optic technology.

This technology has led to devices that provide faster and richer communication, advanced surgeries, and faster healing times, as well as amazing robotics for manufacturing.

Laser science fair projects

But, as with all equipment, someone has to install and maintain it. That is what photonics technicians do. These professionals are responsible for building, installing, testing, and maintaining optical and fiber-optic equipment such as lasers, lenses, and optics systems. Photonics technicians contribute to the technology that has drastically changed how we communicate and how we live.

Read more Variations Compare the index of refraction of regular and diet soda. Is there a difference? Can you use index of refraction to measure the concentration of salt dissolved in water? Make salt solutions with different known concentrations and find out. If you live near a body of salt water, can you use this method to estimate the salt concentration of salt water samples from different locations?

This would be especially interesting to measure where fresh and salt water meet, e. Slowly pour water containing a pinch of non-dairy creamer over a layer of sugar crystals in the bottom of an aquarium, trying not to allow too much turbulence to develop in the water.

Wait for an hour or two to allow a concentration gradient to form as the sugar crystals dissolve.

Laser science fair projects

Predict what will happen when a beam of light shines through the solution. Shine a laser pointer through the solution.

Can you account for the path that the beam follows in the liquid? Share your story with Science Buddies! Yes, I Did This Project!

Please log in or create a free account to let us know how things went. You may find the answer to your question. How close to the wall should my prism and laser pointer be set up?

You should set up the laser pointer and prism two to three feet from the wall.Carnegie Science Award Winners. Established in , Carnegie Science Awards have honored the accomplishments of nearly individuals and organizations whose contributions in the fields of science, technology, and education significantly benefit .

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Laser science fair projects and experiments: topics, ideas, resources, and sample projects by scientific field.

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