Karst thesis

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Karst thesis

The Delaware Basin hosts significant evaporite karst geohazards throughout the Gypsum Plain of the Castile Formation, where geohazards of all scales form beneath and immediately adjacent to major infrastructure throughout the region, especially Ranch-to-Marketincluding geohazards ranging from small scale dissolution of road base, to large scale cave and sinkhole development.

Gypsum sourced from the Castile and Rustler formations was used to create the road base of this RMwhich meteoric waters have easily dissolved while increases in gross weight of heavy traffic has accelerated solution and suffosion processes.

Geographic location and characterization of the karst landforms from GPR data was used to map geospatial distribution of geohazardswhereupon analyses of the concentrations and spatial distributions of each class of geohazard were investigated.

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Karstic geohazards identified in this study most commonly include extensive meteoric dissolution of road base, as well as traffic related compression of the road, primarily caused by the use of crushed gypsum as the road base aggregate.

Other subsurface expressions commonly include suffosion features, both in the gypsic soil and Castile bedrock. Extensive geohazard formation is present in areas where the Castile Formation is close to the surface or in outcrop, and has definitive topographic relief, which aids the flow of water through the gypsum, rapidly dissolving it.

Additionally, leaching of the gypsic soil and gypsum formations takes place in areas where water ponds following meteoric events. Of special note in this project is the Rustler Formation; in general it remains free of major geohazards; however, in portions of the formation, gypsic masses can be found which display significant geohazard formation.

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Karst thesis

Culberson County, Texas" Electronic Theses and Dissertations.FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Miami, Florida EFFECT OF SCALING ON HYDRAULIC CONDUCTIVITY IN A KARST AQUIFER A thesis . By Zachary Schudrowitz. Robber Baron Cave twists and turns unguided souls until they are dizzy and lost.

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This reputation extends beyond the cave walls into Robber Baron’s history. FOREWORD The dawning of the “Age of Environmental Awareness” has been accompanied by great advances in the study of karst hydrology --its methodology,results, and regardbouddhiste.com manual is.


Eaves, Aaron A., "Delineation of Karst Geohazards along RM Through the Use of Ground Penetrating Radar: Culberson County, Texas" (). Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission Tutorial Center for Digital Scholarship R.W. Steen Library Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Our Dr. Lori Collins to be on Science Friday! How exciting! Science Friday will feature two USF researchers in its live show at the Tampa Theatre on Saturday at 8 p.m. A QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF HUGELKULTUR AND ITS POTENTIAL APPLICATION ON KARST ROCKY DESERTIFIED AREAS IN CHINA A Capstone Experience/Thesis .

Anaya, Roberto and Ian Jones, (). Groundwater Availability Model for the Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) and Pecos Valley Aquifers of Texas. Environmental Earth Sciences is an international multidisciplinary journal concerned with all aspects of interaction between humans, natural resources, ecosystems, special climates or unique geographic zones, and the earth:Water.

CORMIX Applications in Mixing Zone Analysis. CORMIX can predict mixing behavior from diverse discharge types ranging from power plant cooling waters, desalinization facility or drilling rig brines, municipal wastewater, or thermal atmospheric regardbouddhiste.com can also be applied across a broad range of ambient conditions ranging from estuaries, deep oceans, swift shallow rivers, to density.

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