Hindi essays for children in hindi

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Hindi essays for children in hindi

However, the idea of using it as the official language was sanctioned by the Constitution of the country on 26th January The original day of adopting Hindi as the official language is observed as Hindi Diwas. Here are essays of varying length on Hindi Diwas to help you with the topic in your exam.

You can select any Hindi diwas essay according to your need: The Constitution approved the same and Hindi written in Devanagari script became the official language. Many schools, colleges and offices celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. These places are decked up for the celebration and people come dressed in Indian ethnic wear.

Many people come forward to talk about the importance of Hindi language and Indian culture. Schools host Hindi debate, poetry and story-telling competitions and cultural programs.

hindi essays for children in hindi

It is a day to stress upon the importance of Hindi language which is losing its significance in the country where English speaking population is considered smarter. It is sad to see how during job interviews, people who speak English are given preference over the others.

It is time to overcome this biased attitude. Hindi Diwas is a great step to emphasize the importance of our national language as well as our culture.

hindi essays for children in hindi

Hindi Diwas Essay 2 words Introduction The constitution of India adopted Hindi written in Devnagari script as the official language of the country under Article back in January With this, both Hindi and English began to be used officially at the Union Government of India level.

The Importance of Hindi Diwas Hindi Diwas is celebrated to rejoice the day Hindi became the official language of our country.

It is also observed each year to stress upon the importance of Hindi and promote it amid the generation which is way too impressed with English. It is a way of reminding the youth about their roots. No matter where we reach and what we do, if we remain grounded and in-sync with our roots, we stay unshakable.

Each year, the day reminds us of our true identity and unites us with the people of our country. No matter, wherever we go our language, culture and values must stay intact and the day serves as a reminder for the same.

Hindi Diwas is one such day that instils us with patriotic feeling. This day is a small effort to remind us that Hindi too is our official language and holds as much importance. Conclusion While English is a globally used language and the importance of the same cannot be overlooked, we must not forget that we are Indians first and must respect our national language.

The adoption of Hindi as an official language proves that the people in power value their roots and want the people of their country to value them too.

Hindi Diwas Essay 3 words Introduction Hindi Diwas, celebrated on the 14th of September each year, is a way to cherish the Indian culture and honour the Hindi language. It is also celebrated at the national level wherein the president of the country gives awards to people who have achieved excellence in any field pertaining to the Hindi language.

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In schools and colleges, mostly the management organizes Hindi debate, poem or story telling competitions. Cultural programs are also held and the teachers give speech to emphasize the importance of Hindi language.

Many schools host inter-school Hindi debate and poetry competitions. Inter-school Hindi essay and story writing competitions are also held.

It is a day to honour the Hindi language which is losing importance especially among the new generation.

Long and Short Essay on Hindi Diwas in English

The day is also celebrated in the offices and many government institutes. To rejoice the Indian culture, people come dressed up in Indian ethnic wear. Women are seen dressed up in suits and saris and men are dressed in kurta pyjamas to add to the essence of the day.Free Essays on Childrens Rights In Hindi.

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