Essay on home is the best institute and parents are the best teachers

Tuesday, 27 September You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Essay on home is the best institute and parents are the best teachers

Children can learn from many different parts: It is said that children learn the most from their parents. Parents play an important role to mould their children to be a good member of the society. To begin with, It is obviously true that parents are the best teachers of their child.

Every children have been influenced by their parents from their early life.

TOEFL Essay # Are parents the best teachers?

The main responsibility of the parents are to teach the children about the world, which is right and wrong, and to educate the importance of obeying rules and regulations of the society and to motivate the student to be a good society member.

For achieving this, the parent-child relationship should be very close and friendly manner. To be specific, most parents think that their children are the smartest in the world.

As a result, they often teach their children at an inappropriately quick pace and mistakenly assume that they will be able to keep up. Over the course of an entire school year this can have serious consequences. An old friend of mine is a good example of this. Rather than attending the local public school, my friend was taught at home by his mother.

His mother had good intentions, but she failed completely at teaching him math. She made the assumption that her son was able to grasp the basic concepts right away and moved on immediately to advanced concepts that were a full two grade-levels above what he would have been learning at the public school.

When it came time for my friend to take the annual state-mandated competency tests he was wholly unprepared and he shocked his mom with a failing grade.

Essay on home is the best institute and parents are the best teachers

This example demonstrates that, indeed, parents are not always the best teachers. The parents sacrifice so many things of their life just to ensure a better life for us and nothing in this whole world could even be compared with their sacrifice for us.

Think of student who is unable to pay her monthly school fees would be cast away from the school and the beloved teachers would scarcely be there to help her. On the other hand the parents would always be there with their every possible effort to help the child. They are an example, probably the most important, for becoming an adult.

We all are, in certain way, very similar to our parents; we all have behaviours, or tastes, or hobbies that we learnt from our parents. As parents we have to realize the responsibility we have of teaching our sons and daughters the best we can.We should add, parents are a child's most important teacher and home is the most important classroom.

It is simple math. A child spends three times as many hours away from the classroom as in it, and the lessons that are taking place in those non-school hours are every bit as important as those inside a . Parents are the best teachers Essay Sample Every child is special, everybody has a latent potential in him and parents take very important role to take care of this potential.

Though, it is a contentious view whether parents are the best teachers or not, in my opinion parents play a crucial role as teachers due to different reasons. Almost for sure our parents are the best teachers at the beginning of our lives, which actually corresponds to the parents’ role in nature.

Parents are most committed and involved in teaching their children; they have a kind of instinct to sacrifice a part of themselves for the betterment of their children. Essay on historical place persuasive essay social studies essay on historical place body image in the media persuasive Essay metaphor castle the glass essay A sample essay about whether or not parents are the best teachers · A teacher is someone who input knowledge into web standards browser essay comparison compliance students.

Jan 28,  · This essay will look at if parents can even do better than teachers when they teach their children. On the one hand, parents would be better than teachers in educating their children for several reasons. ‘Whether parents are our best teachers or not’ is a never-ending debate and people are divided both in favour and against this argument.

Both have a very strong contribution and influence on a child’s learning but in my opinion, parents overtake the teachers in terms of teaching their children.

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