Book report on games by carol gorman

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Book report on games by carol gorman

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I also feel it was kinda misbranded? Jun 28, Ray Robinson rated it really liked it Great book about two boys who can't get along and the struggles they have at school and at home. It is surprising what you can learn about someone while playing a game. Sep 11, Alex Blose rated it it was amazing Boot and Mick despise each other.

After getting suspended a number of times and getting in trouble at school, the new principal comes up with a new solution to try and resolve the issues between the boys. Everyday for over an hour, the two boys must go to the "game room" and play board games while they are there.

Maddox, the principal, thinks it is the perfect solution and he decides to give it a go.

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During their time in the "game room", the boys continue to battle th Boot and Mick despise each other. During their time in the "game room", the boys continue to battle things out, but this time over some different issues, such as the cute girl with braces, Tabitha.

The boys also participate in a dare game, which gets them into some deep trouble, and discover an underground tunnel in the school.

While getting to learn about each other in the game room, the boys learn about each others lives and realize that underlying issues at home are what is really causing the issues between the boys and they begin to see through the light and come together to help one another out.

I really liked this book.

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It was so realistic that I felt as if this was something that could have happened while I was in middle school. The issues of bullying, trying to impress girls, and alcoholic and abusive parents are things that continue to occur today and this book did a great job of telling a story involving all of this.

The way that the boys worked through their problems and realized that they weren't so different from each other made for a wonderful storyline and it kept me hooked the entire way through. As a future teacher, I would most definitely use this book to teach about bullying and difficult issues young students may be going through.

It would also be a great book to just have in a classroom library, so if a student was going through a situation like those in the book, this would be a wonderful tool to try to help them through it.

This book could easily be used for any student in sixth grade and up. They harbor feelings of hate towards each other. Within the story, The tale of two bullies, from first met to last stand, the hatred always there.

Within the story, the characters are dealing with many conflicts in their lives at the moment. A struggle both boys have in common is the struggle for a girl at school, Tabitha Slaters, attention.Carol Gorman is the author of many books for young readers, including Dork In Disguise, Dork on the Run, and A Midsummer Night's Dork.


Book report on games by carol gorman

Ms. Gorman lives with her husband, writer Ed Gorman, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she also teaches at Coe College/5(2). Book Report On Games By Carol Gorman.

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Book report on games by carol gorman

Games by Carol Gorman was a great book. I enjoyed reading it and once I started I could not put it down.I liked how the author took turns showing both Mick's and Boot's point of /5.

The daughter of a pediatrician and a homemaker, Gorman grew up in Iowa. As a student she gravitated to the stage and won leading roles in college dramas such as West Side Story and Peter Pan.

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