Biblical argument against polygamy essay

Biblical prohibition against polygamy essay: Thesis written in third person Biblical prohibition against polygamy essay:

Biblical argument against polygamy essay

Below are answers to 6 common arguments against polygamy that Christians make today. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate. Before sin divorce was not necessary, so in the beginning divorce would never have been needed.

But is he also alluding to the fact biblical argument against polygamy essay marriage was designed by God to be monogamous?

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He says nothing about that here. Sexual relations between a husband and wife mark both the consummation of the marriage and are a constant reminder of the covenant shared between the man and his wife. But when they use this to attack polygamy they do so from an egalitarian perspective of marriage.

They believe that a husband and wife become one spiritually by blending together and becoming like one another. The man moves toward his wife on some views and she moves toward him on others thus they make one new person together. While that might sound romantic this is not the Biblical view of how spiritual oneness should take place between a husband and wife.

So we have to ask ourselves — does Christ mold himself to his Church or is his Church called to mold herself to Christ? Christ molds and shapes his Church to his liking, to his thinking and so too in marriage wives are to mold themselves to their husbands. So yes it is absolutely correct to say that marriage always involves two people, a man and a woman, becoming one flesh both sexually and spiritually.

But while a woman is forbidden from multiple marriages Romans 7: I would argue based the qualifications of widows who could be supported by and became servants of the church that Paul was speaking of a Pastor or Deacon not having been divorced from his first wife: This would be very similar to how the Old Testament has stricter marriage practices for Priests as opposed to the general population.

In any event, no passage in the Bible, either Old or New Testament, condemns the practice of polygyny. However, the Genesis account is not the complete revelation of God about his will and design for his creation. No, my friend — we will see that God progressively reveals and more and more truths about his purposes back in Genesis all throughout the Old Testament and also in the New Testament.

We must take the entire Bible into account to fully understand his design for marriage.

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So, going back to the Genesis account of Adam and Eve — yes God could have chosen to create multiple women for Adam but he did not.

He also could have created Adam and Eve and immediately clothed them but he did not. Later in Revelation 7: God initially created Adam and Eve naked only to show us that later in the eternal state everyone is clothed.

He also only created one man and one woman to start the human race thus necessitating the practice of sibling marriage only to later end the practice in the law of Moses. The story of Jacob and his wives Leah and Rachel, found in Genesis chapter 30, is a prime example of this. Let me present to you a scenario to give you food for thought.

Seven years go by as they raise their daughter as an only child. She receives all the love and affection of her parents and does not have to share her parents with any other child.

Her father is ok with having an only child, but her mother yearns for another child. So, she convinces her husband to adopt another child.

biblical argument against polygamy essay

The man and his wife adopt a baby girl and his wife feels so happy now having another child. What if their first daughter was jealous of the fact that they were seeking to adopt?

You are just being selfish Mom and Dad! But God made Dads and Moms, and especially moms, to desire multiple children. We then have to ask ourselves why the answer is different.Apr 08,  · Argument: Not all children can adjust with the polygamy situation and it will make the children’s psychological development be bad.

Support: Children run away from home as the result of their father’s polygamy. Clearly, the Catholic Church does and will oppose such moves based on Natural Law and biblical arguments.

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But the biblical stance on polygamy is less clear than it is on homosexual acts (which are unequivocally condemned at . Et maintenant le point de non retour.

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Jun 25,  · The effects polygamy has on financial matters, legal issues, health and disease issues and biblical issues will all be addressed in this essay to highlight the true purpose of this disturbing and unwelcomed practice.

But the assertion that “the case against polygamy is incredibly flimsy, almost entirely lacking in rational basis and animated by purely irrational fears and prejudice” could not be more wrong.

If opponents of polygamy cannot win their argument against the practice of polygamy in Biblical times they will try this argument against polygamy for modern times: “God said “ Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man ” (1 Peter ), therefore if the government says we cannot practice polygamy then we cannot practice polygamy.”.

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