Bbc india business reporters minneapolis

In her sophomore year, Short dropped out of Medford High School.

Bbc india business reporters minneapolis

The huge increases in U. Bush was elected by the same men who are pushing the administration's "war on terrorism" and the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Billions of dollars in additional defense spending are but the first step in the group's long-term plan to transform the U.

A neo-conservative Washington-based organization known as the Project for the New American Century PNACfunded by three foundations closely tied to Persian Gulf oil, weapons, and defense industries, drafted the war plan for U. One of the organization's documents clearly shows that Bush and his most senior cabinet members had already planned an attack on Iraq before he took power in January The PNAC is part of the New Citizenship Project, whose chairman is also William Kristol, and is described as "a non-profit, educational organization whose goal is to promote American global leadership.

The group's essential demand was for hefty increases in defense spending. The increase in defense spending is to bring about two of the other principles: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century," reveals that the current members of Bush's cabinet had already planned, before the presidential election, to take military control of the Gulf region whether Saddam Hussein was in power or not.

bbc india business reporters minneapolis

While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein. Iran, it says, "may well prove as large a threat to U. The strategic "transformation" of the U.

The "new Pearl Harbor," in the form of the terror attacks ofprovided the necessary catalyst to put the global war plan into effect. We are fighting a variety of enemies.

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There are lots of them out there. All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq.

bbc india business reporters minneapolis

If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war.

This is garbage from think-tanks stuffed with chicken-hawks," Dalyell said, "men who have never seen the horror of war but are in love with the idea of war.

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I am appalled that a British Labor Prime Minister should have got into bed with a crew which has this moral standing. A respected Swiss institute specializing in voice recognition technology analyzed the recent tape alleged to contain the voice of Osama Bin Laden and found that the voice was most likely that of an impostor.

The apparently fraudulent tape came out shortly after a 4, word letter allegedly written by Bin Laden appeared in Saudi Arabia. The tape, which was delivered to the Qatar-based al-Jazeera, was said to provide the first concrete evidence that Bin Laden is still alive because it mentioned attacks that occurred as recently as October The tape was reportedly recorded over the telephone.

The voice on the tape praised recent attacks including the siege of a Moscow theatre by Chechen rebels, the bombing of a French oil tanker off the coast of Yemen, and the Bali bombing. Boulard, told France 2 that he was 95 per cent certain that "it has not been recorded by Bin Laden.

Regarding the poor sound quality of the recent tape, Boulard said: Some were very good, some very bad, but our results were all positive except in one case.

To verify the reliability, scientists tested that model with recordings from Bin Laden and others that were not. Boulard concluded that all the voices except that on the tape in question belonged to the same person, noting the statistical software he used has a margin of error of around five percent, France 2 reported.

While Boulard says the tape does not appear to be the voice of Osama Bin Laden, the margin of error precludes absolutely certainty. When addressing a problem with a scientific perspective as opposed to a political approachone has to be ready to also accept the uncertainty of the results.

I asked Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan if U.

As presenter of World News Today Business Edition, Tanya is one of the key presenters on the BBC Business team. Most recently she was early morning presenter on World Business Report. And prior to that was the New York presenter for the programme. Which presenter is leaving BBC Radio 2 for Virgin? 4%. Steve Wright 92%. Broad and Anderson slice through India to put England on top The Guardian. Business Insider. Max Foster – business reporter and presenter on BBC Breakfast until he left for CNN International in ; India and elsewhere. Mark Tully – India correspondent until Denis Tuohy – presenter on the late evening TV programme Tonight from , and a reporter on Panorama.

Lapan said, "Although it could not be confirmed with percent certainty, the assessment from the intelligence community is that the tape is genuine. Qatar, the home of Al Jazeera is a small emirate in the Persian Gulf described as the "nerve center of a war against Iraq.

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Seven hundred members of the U. Central Command are currently in Qatar for Exercise Internal Look, a war game to test the systems that would be used in a war against Iraq. Pre-emptive War Illegal December 4, Bush's policy of "preemptive action" opens the door to global gangsterism.59, asian bbc FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search.

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