A study of the motivations for self presentations

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A study of the motivations for self presentations

A study of the motivations for self presentations

These tags are automatically generated. The Daily Texan does not guarantee their accuracy. Published on April 3, at However, one aspect of this horrific phenomenon has been largely excluded from these conversations: If the number of rapes at UT is disturbingly high, then so is the number of rapists.

It fails to explore the motivations of sexual violence perpetrators within our community. By neglecting to provide any insight into the minds of assailants, the study leaves us with no concrete path forward. Only by addressing the root cause of rape — rapists — can the University attempt to solve its sexual assault problem.

Conversations about the prevalence of rapists are more difficult to have than conversations about the prevalence of rape. These conversations invoke blame. They force us to recognize that people in our community are committing these crimes, undetected and unpunished.

This is not just a UT problem.

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Research analyzing the perspective of perpetrators is sparse compared to that examining the perspectives of victims. This can be partially attributed to the massive number of assaults that go unreported and unresolved. However, this dissonance is also representative of the overwhelming focus we put on victims when addressing sexual assault.

This focus allows us to ignore a central problem with sexual assault: For the most part, men in our community are doing this to women in our community. A minimum of 54 percent of sexual assaults on UT students were perpetrated by fellow students.

Studies examining the thought process of sexual assailants yield remarkably different results. Motivations ranging from entitlement to hatred of women have been used to explain this figure. However, many attribute the striking prevalence of sexual assault to misunderstandings of consent.

Perhaps half of all rapists — like half of all victims — fail to understand their actions as rape. Addressing the problem of rape through the lens of male guilt often elicits contentions over its prevalence.

Focusing on men when discussing rape makes individuals feel unfairly blamed. This mentality makes exploring the causes of sexual violence difficult, as it elicits profound discomfort. Some research does support this idea. According to several studies, the majority of rapists — 63 percent — are repeat offenders, and the average repeat offender will commit four assaults.

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However, one study suggests that four out of five rapists will only rape within one academic year. Data in this realm is disturbingly inconclusive.

One study found that 6. At UT this means 1, men. Even accepting the most conservative of these figures describes the harrowing prevalence of sexual assailants on campus. The University cannot solve its sexual assault problem without a comprehensive study of the motivations of men who commit sexual violence.

Addressing the problem of rape necessitates addressing the prevalence of rapists. Not all men commit rape, but some of them do — and the University does its students a disservice when it fails to address the misdeeds of the few for fear of alienating the many.

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Anderson is a Plan II and history freshman from Houston. She is a columnist.SAMPLE Chapter One What Is Motivation?

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Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It's the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day.

It's the crucial element in setting. Motivation: A Key to Effective Teaching Patrick J. Eggleton "The teacher has to have the energy of the hottest volcano, the memory of an motivating teacher are obvious concern and caring for the students.

According to Meek (), Escalante explained that "a teacher has to possess love and Plan lectures/presentations in short segments.

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