A story of greed the three beggars and the lottery ticket

You stuck an axe through the famous hat?! What's it look like? It looks quite good actually. Let's go down the pub then, shall we?

A story of greed the three beggars and the lottery ticket

In fact, many experts say that simply buying a ticket is enough to increase the happiness of the purchaser because the rush of hope and fantasies bring a slice of joy to otherwise normal lives.

And as the jackpot rises higher and higher, so too do the dreams.

A story of greed the three beggars and the lottery ticket

A sudden windfall of cash seems like a dream come true, a way to improve lives and finally find happiness. For the average Joe, that money likely comes with more problems than many realize.

How do you invest it? Who do you trust? What do you tell people who come knocking on your door, begging for help? Then there are the legal hassles, the people who try to come after your money. People who won big, and then, instead of watching all their dreams come true, they watched their lives fall apart right before their very eyes.

Heck, more than one of them might still be alive today had they never purchased that ticket. In fact, he was stunned when his wife presented him with divorce papers.

A story of greed the three beggars and the lottery ticket

The fact that she won the lottery days before she handed him the divorce papers doubtless had something to do with this. Of course, the court never knew of the winnings, and neither did her ex-husband. The courts discovered her deception and awarded all of her winnings to her ex-husband. And this was partially not her own doing since she was unaware of the laws surrounding the situation.

Probably for the same reason the rest of us do — to win. There were legal issues, as there almost always are with money, and there were his own personal demons like drinking and a love of strippers that helped send Whittaker down a black hole of despair.

In fact, while he was visiting a strip club one night, he claims almost half a million dollars was stolen from his car. Those must have been some ecstatic burglars. He later said that thieves also emptied his bank accounts. But not only did he lose all the money he won, his life was filled with other tragedies as well.

Inhis granddaughter died of a drug overdose and her mother — his daughter — died five years later. At the time of her death, he seemed to blame the ticket for all the bad fortune in their life.

Lee later sold the rights to her annual payment for one lump sum.

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If that was the end of the story, however, she may not be worse than she was before the lottery. And if you ever wondered why that might be, consider the case of British teen Callie Rogers.

That kind of money comes with a lot of responsibility, more than many of us can possibly imagine. But poor Callie ended up getting a harsh lesson in what wealth can do to a person — and especially to their friends.

As many of us would like to do, Rogers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars pampering her loved ones, buying them presents like cars and homes, and taking them on lavish trips. But inyoung Rogers was already facing bankruptcy, her dream-life coming to a crashing halt.

All the pressure was a bit too much for the teen, who has reportedly attempted suicide twice since winning big and developed a drug problem. Now with all the money gone, she actually hopes to find happiness in poverty. She works three jobs and lives with her mother.

Post grew up in an orphanage, and when he struck it rich, he was surviving on disability payments. Other relatives were almost as destructive, convincing Post to invest the money in terrible business ventures.

It all ended up with Post filing bankruptcy and spending time in jail for firing a gun at a bill collector.

But Ibi Roncaioli story is one like no other. Joseph Roncaioli was charged with murder in the poisoning of his lottery winner wife, Ibi. He claims he was merely trying to numb her arms to take her blood for some health tests, but there were needle marks all over her body and a large amount of painkillers in her system.

But if ever there were a story that proves that there may be something to the old saying, this just may be it. Billie Bob Harrell Jr. Prior to winning big, Harrell and his family were mostly broke as he moved between low-paying jobs.

And when that first payout hit, well, he did what many of us would do - he quit his job at Home Depot, took his family on a vacation to Hawaii, donated tens of thousands of dollars, bought houses and cars for his loved ones and even donated almost turkeys to the poor.Story is set in the post-nuclear outback of Australia where a battle is raged by a tiny band of civilized survivors and a group of barbarians over a precious cache of gasoline.

DVD Mad men. Walt hands Skyler a lottery ticket with the GPS coordinates to where Hank and Steven's bodies are located and reveals the truth that he was not the one who killed them. Walt tells her to trade the ticket to the prosecutor in order to get herself out of the ordeal he left her in before reminding her that all the things he did was for the family.

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