A personal reflection on how disabled people deserve the same opportunities as anyone

By Jess Kapuscinski Evans. Unlike everyone else, I use a wheelchair full-time and need assistance with most tasks of so-called daily living. I have since gone on to have a variety of artistic experiences both good and bad, including thankfully some paid jobs, the most recent of which involves me working alongside, importantly, non-disabled artists and being treated as a professional.

A personal reflection on how disabled people deserve the same opportunities as anyone

A personal reflection on how disabled people deserve the same opportunities as anyone

We go through every day with determination and strength, which many people are bowled over by, with many secretly wondering if they could do the same thing. No matter the type of person, there are lessons to be learned from them. People with disabilities are especially influential, as our hardships in life aren't easily forgotten.

People with a disabilities learn so much throughout their lives; life lessons that able-bodied people rarely get to experience.

Having a disability is definitely difficult, but it's also one of the richest classrooms a human can experience, too. While these learning experiences are more profound experienced directly, there are some special tokens of wisdom we can pass along.

Most say they would rather die than live with a disability, which makes me laugh. That's because most able-bodied people can't imagine being happy if their body was ever permanently broken.

But the truth is that the human brain is very adept at transitioning into someone with a disability, if you let it, that is.

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I thought I would never be happy again. But a few years after becoming paralyzed, I was happy. I found happiness through simply being alive, and through family and friends. I still wish I could walk again, but true happiness resides in me. You're told as a little kid how important patience is and as an adult you come to see how true this really is.

But when you have a disability, the patience required is at a whole new level.

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Very often we have to wait longer for all types of things and over time we become masters at honing in on it. Patience has even helped me emotionally get over my physical inabilities in certain occasions. When you hear about people becoming disabled through an accident, you always think it could never happen to you, and you almost look at it like a TV show or movie -- something that could never be your reality.

But the cold-hard truth is that accidents that cause disabilities happen every day, and they could likely happen to you or someone you know.

The realness of this possibility is tangible in all lives, but when you have a disability you're just a bit more aware of it.

Maybe no congenital disabilities run your family, but say your first baby had cerebral palsy. It's shocking suddenly finding yourself in the camp of either being disabled or the family member of one.People with disabilities should have the same rights as anyone else, and that should include marriage.

Impact Newsletter: People with Disabilities and the Federal Marriage Penalties

People with disabilities fall in love, and have the same beliefs as those without disabilities when it comes to making the commitment to spend the rest of their lives with someone. 'People with disabilities are people - we deserve the same choices and the same respect' To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, our reporter spoke to members of the disabled.

Mar 09,  · Although society began accepting people with disabilities as time passed, a disability was still viewed as a personal tragedy. Many children were denied access to education and opportunities to learn.

People with disabilities deserve the dignity of a job They have high expectations and deserve the same opportunities to achieve the American dream as anyone else.

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Top 75 Disability Blogs & Websites For Disabled People To Follow in A qualified pharmacologist currently working towards his PhD, Vivian was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour at age three, which left him with a severe form of scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis, or excessive curvature of the spine. The year-old suffers from uncontrolled asthma, has significantly reduced mobility, and is shorter in stature than he would otherwise have been.
Social Security Disability vs. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) A Dominick Evans I feel a sense of pride as I see the amount of articles that have been written about marriage equality for people with disabilities in the last few days.
Marriage Equality – Center for Disability Rights My muscle tone, range of motion, and speech pattern are all significantly impacted. People who had five-minute conversations with me would call me inspirational without even asking my name.
Learn about the disability application and approval process for SSI benefits. A person is sitting at a computer, looking upset and confused. For example, I say how tired I am of how the system of white privilege excludes and harms non-white peopleand some people accuse me of hating on white folks.

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A personal reflection on how disabled people deserve the same opportunities as anyone

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