A farewell to arms research paper

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A farewell to arms research paper

The story is narrated by this driver, named Frederic Henry. Whether or not this book is truly an anti-war novel is debatable, but it well depicts the effects an ongoing war has on soldiers and how the men try to numb this pain.

Henry's close friend at the front, Rinaldi, forgets the war with the help of sex and seduction, the priest takes comfort in God, the Captain has humor and jokes about the priest, and almost all drink profusely, taking wine and brandy like water.

But the most important and notable attempt to escape from the pain of war is Henry and Catherine's: Barkley very appropriately in the springtime.

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Rinaldi originally was planning on having a relationship with the English nurse, but forfeited her to Henry when he saw their mutual interest. When Catherine and Henry first met, she was carrying a rattan stick, and Henry asks about it.

He was going to marry me and he was killed in the Somme. Catherine, wanting escape from the grief of her fiancee's death, and Henry, wanting to forget about the war, begin their relationship. Since their relationship was born of a need for entertainment rather than real mutual interest, it started off as a dishonest game of seduction.

A farewell to arms research paper

During one of Henry's meetings with Ms. This was better than going every evening to the house for officers I knew I did not love Catherine Barkley nor had any idea of loving her.

This was a game, like bridge Catherine recognizes the falsity of their relationship openly. He lies and says that he really does love her. I had a very fine little show and I'm all right now. While Henry is on the front he dreams about Catherine, imagining a romantic night with her far away from the war.

Doing so he makes himself to want to see her, but that night he drinks too much and nearly forgets their date. When he finally arrives he learns that she is ill and will not be able to see him.

He describes the way he feels as "lonely and hollow" His want for Catherine is growing. Soon after that night he is sent to work where there is to be an attack. While sitting in a trench with three other officers a trench mortar shell explodes nearby, hitting Henry in the legs.

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He goes immediately to a field hospital and spends a long time lying in bed, watching soldiers around him die, only getting a couple short visits from his friends Rinaldi, the priest, and the major.

Eventually he gets moved to an American hospital in Milan. Catherine gets herself transferred there, and to Henry she is a truly beautiful sight. He has spent too much time alone and in pain, and she seems the perfect cure to his loneliness. Henry has lost his previous perception of never loving Catherine: He describes the first time he sees her in the Milan hospital:Free essays, research papers, term papers, and other writings on literature, science, history, politics, and more.

A Farewell to Arms - a study in loss, a study in fate, and a farewell to false hopes and cultural constructions of honor. To write an excellent research paper, be sure to use direct quotes from the book to support your literature term paper commentary and always site by page number.

A farewell to arms research paper

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In this lesson, we will briefly examine the life of Ernest Hemingway and his writing accomplishments. We will then summarize his novel, 'A Farewell to Arms,' and focus on its major themes.

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